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Our Vision

GAINJUICE, is a community token that was created with intentions to not only build a flawless reward system mining game on RPG chain, but also to help with exposing the world to Rangers Protocol, and showing how important this technology is to our future VR metaverse (Web3).  (GJUICE) is a community project that was only recently launched on the BinanceSmartChain (BSC).  (with bonus RPG features), even though the token supply is extremely high, with a net maximum supply of 100B tokens.

GAINJUICE, Plans to create a sustainable passive income to all of its holders by being a 
NODE Validator/Service Provider with a Nft Mining, Play To Earn Game in the future.
To enhance user trust the pool is locked in for 1 Year.

Address: 0x65d02707a6a3e6347be5cf3619d75a741dffa54f
Gainjuice Token website:

BSC: https:// 
(HOLD bonus RPG)

Reward System is 2% Buy & 2% Sell to holders with minimum GJUICE balance of 60M. Tax-(Variable 2%R/1%LP/0%M/1%B) Slippage is 4% buy,5% sell / Anti Whale (5% max wallet )

RANGERS PROTOCOL (Reward Contract)
Address: 0xc2098a8938119a52b1f7661893c0153a6cb116d5
Rangers protocol website:


Designed to practicalize the block-chain technology in the real world. It has differentiated mining algorithm from conventional POW (Proof of work)  we will be using POS (Proof of Stake) for the Minerverse P2E game using NFTs and, POC (Proof of Consensus) for the Social DEFI app . Investors will have a chance take part in both of these options to earn more passive income, or you can just hold GJUICE and still earn sustainable passive income fueled by or RPG node miner reward program.
Check Our Flow Chart: (Scroll to bottom of page)

The opportunity to

When people talk about their "crypto journey," it's usually filled with wonder and discovery as they delve into the philosophy of decentralization and the benefits of disruptive technology. That said
for crypto enthusiasts, this can be confusing, and even dangerous, because scammers and spammers are everywhere. At the same time, individuals and project teams struggle to become opinion leaders on their social accounts, attract large followings, or stand out among thousands of communities.
GJUICE our goal is to create a play to earn game using NFTS that being said we are in such an early phase and social media platforms don't explicitly target the cryptocurrency community. A true social media platform with a large following focused on cryptocurrencies and non- cryptocurrencies has yet to emerge.
While there are over 100 million wallet addresses globally and the number of crypto and non-crypto enthusiasts is growing every day, why not provide a dedicated public opinion forum and social media platform for the crypto community?

Tokenomics (Variable) - Current*

2% Ranger Protocol Holder Auto Reward, 1%LP, 0%Marketing/Project Development 1%Token Burn
4-5% Total

Platform features

GJUICE Token believes in "trust, but verify."
Users log in using wallets such as GJUICE.
Users can display their non-functional memory collection on their profile page, bringing another level
of trust in social relationships. Users who post and showcase their activities can follow each other throughout the community.
The platform also ranks users based on their influence and non-functional net worth.
Based on a shared interest and belief in encryption, GJUICE Token facilitates organic connections between users. Content mining/monetization model
Traditionally, content creators' content is owned by the platform, and the end audience's attention is manipulated by an algorithm that the creator has no power or right to influence.
Advertisers and platforms, not content creators
Social media stalwarts, get the lion's share of the profits. We're here to make a difference.
GJUICE Token, as a SocialDEFi platform, is owned and governed by its users.
By introducing the concept of "living by talking and writing", content creation itself acts as a form of mining.
Active content creators and discussion participants on GJUICE Token continue to benefit from our native token GJUICE.
GJUICE, will have a DEFI to swap between different assets allowing users to pool and stake with other tokens/coins.

The vast majority of native tokens will be distributed to users who generate content, creating a form sustainable, inclusive and truly productive mining.

GJUICE Services

GJUICE, offers a variety of diffrent services to its customers
Current list of services: 
-Youtube Project Review/Contract Screening
-Telegram Promotion in diffrent channels 
-Solidity Contract Creation/Assist
-Social Push - customer menu request needed
-More To Come

Customers requring service from GJUICE, need to reach out to the GJUICE team,
with a clear instructions on what service you require. 

NOTE: We only except GAINJUICE (BEP20) TOKEN AS PAYMENT(Tax Included)

Reason for our GJUICE, only payment system is, GAINJUICE, wants to create more utility
for asset/holders, so we can make it even more sustainable in any market conditions.

Most important is when service is requested and payed for in full, the tokenomics  
within the contract will trigger, and all holders of GJUICE, will get auto rewarded
X2 with RPG reflections. GJUICE: LP/M/D and so forth.

Community Competition/Airdrops

Currently the Dev wallet has 2.6% of GAINJUICE supply to accumulate RPG rewards to give to 
community for different things like (Biggest Shiller, Biggest Buyer, Random Airdrops) 
if community decides to want to sell some GJUICE for different marketing purposes 
that will be decided via voting system/polls.
(Dev & Team Wallet) will not sell any GJUICE tokens without community consent.

Team has 2.4% from token launch locked away in contract for p2e nft game.
There is a fixed supply limit of 100 BILLION WITH 0 BURN(Current), with
OPEN TRADE Price 0.{6}1
OPEN Time 2022.3.27 13:45 UTC+0

*GJUICE Token Allocation* that team bought in begining, and middle of launch. Tokens are locked and will not be selling without doing a GJUICE community vote/pole, also we will wait until maturity of project is met, and road map is followed accordingly. Locked Wallet address will be supplied appon request. please contact GJuice Team, at gainjuice website or


(2M MARKET CAP we will start RPG Miner game development)
The development team will be creating NFTS, and Mineverse in P2E Game for consistent passive income to our holders.
Node Validator for project, the team is following up with Rangers Protocol we want to run multiple nodes, for a bigger buy back feature for GJUICE, push the price of asset higher, and pay holders while burning GJUICE supply at the same time.(*Burn Live*)

Long Term Sustanability & Giving to our community is truly our main goal.


The information shared in this white paper is not exhaustive or comprehensive, nor is it
intended in any way to create or implicitly give effect to any element of the contractual relationship.
The main purpose of this white paper is to provide potential token holders with relevant information so that they can thoroughly analyze the project and make an informed decision. Before you participate in the purchase of GAINJUICE TOKEN, we strongly recommend that
you carefully study this White paper and all documents associated with it, including the contract associated with its purchase.
You can even hire the right experts to help you with your investment analysis. Some statements, this white paper described estimate and financial information is based on and consider the risk and some known and unknown or events of forward-looking statements,
these events and estimate risk could eventually lead to the results, or may be estimated or
extrapolation and feature results in a matter of fact and differences in essence or in this prospective, said in a statement.
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